About Us

BeltecHub™ is a wholly Canadian owned Corporation with Headquarters in Toronto and affiliates in several countries across the globe. 

We aim to streamline and simplify the discovery, acquisition and sourcing of conveyor & power transmission belting, equipment, materials and MRO products through a  comprehensive smart manufacturing network spreaded across Asia, America and Europe. 

As a global supplier we help our customers around the globe to speed their supply flow, save costs and keep their business moving. 



Chris Zhang  – Managing Director

With more than 15 years of technical sales experience in the manufacturing and automation industry across Asia Pacific and Europe, Chris is one of the main point of contacts between our sales offices and our customers worldwide. 

Dave Farrell  – Global Logistics

Dave has 15 years dealing with global logistics, mainly for companies in the manufacturing and processing sectors. He is who leads and manages our import/export operations and oversees supply chain challenges.  

Mario A.E Damas  – Growth Strategy

Mario has a widely proven track of experience and leadership growing business in the belting and automation manufacturing industries across the globe. Besides being co- founder of this company, he serves as the main business strategist.


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