PTFE coated Glass Fabric belts are commonly used inside heat tunnels, and drying equipment.

These belts offer great release, and stand up to high temperatures. Chemically inert, these belts also offer exceptional strength and dimensional stability.

PTFE is often referred to as Teflon® which Dupont’s® brand of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene).

Our high-volume production capacity ensures a quick response at anytime of the year. 

Main Features:

  • Excellent release, non-stick solutions ensures quality products;
  • Low friction;
  • Extreme temperature resistance (-150°C to  +260°C);
  • Excellent heat transfer properties;
  • Lower energy usage = Lighter weight machinery;
  • Strong & flexible fabrics;
  • Dimensionally stable;
  • Outstanding chemical resistance;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Lower maintenance costs. 


Fusing/Lamination Machines


PTFE coated belts are used to convey constituent materials, glues and resins through the heated pressure zone where the constituent materials are heated, pressed, and fused together. 

Within these environments, the belts must be able to withstand the heat, pressure, compression, and abrasion through repeated use while resisting adhesion of the glue and any other chemicals used in the process. 

Baking Ovens

Flat breads and tortillas are baked in press ovens that use PTFE coated conveyor belts to transport uncooked dough to the press area where a heat platen is applied, simultaneously pressing and cooking the product to its desired temperature and texture. 

The belts and fabrics used must be able to endure the high cooking temperatures and the abrasiveness of the doughs, many which contain coarse grains. 

The non-stick surface is key to maintaining a clean cooking surface.

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